Tracking and Growing Your Profitability: Strategies for Competitive Law Firms

Recorded: Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Duration: 75 minutes

The pressure is firms are being called upon to provide effective representation at lower and lower costs, while the amount of available work is decreasing. Whether through the use of alternative fee arrangements, improved resource allocation or other methods, leading firms – particularly those in the mid-size space – are increasingly implementing new strategies to protect their profitability.

Join us for this webinar, which will provide insight on:

  • How a focus on client service can enhance profitability.
  • What you should be measuring for profitability indicators.
  • Finding your ideal balance of the RULES (rates, utilization, leverage, expenses, speed of billing and collection).
  • Getting buy-in from the majority of lawyers in your firm regarding shifting focus from revenue to profit.
  • 3 steps you can take today to reduce your costs.
  • Resources that give you the most bang for your expense buck – that can help you drive firm efficiency.

Jack Bostelman, President, KM/JD Consulting LLC

William Josten, Esq., National Law Firm Profitability Specialist, Thomson Reuters

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